"MR" Foundry was established in may 1998. We specialise in the manufacture of precision die-castings made from zinc and aluminium alloy (ZnAl) The plant's equipment consists of hot chamber machines with locking force of 240 KN to 1300 KN, which allows us to manufacture castings weighing from a few grams up to 2000 grams. Since the time the Foundry was established it has developed, manufactured and introduced about 150 various types of castings, mainly for:

The fulfilment of a casting manufacturing order covers all production stages– from the design of the detail (together with the prototype) through the manufacture of the casting mould to the finished product – the casting. We deliver manufactured details as cast, additionally machined, zinc plated or powder coated. Apart from our own products – which constitute a major part of our production – we also provide services in co-operation with our Customers. To maintain the highest quality of our products we consult research and development centres, such as Foundry Research Institute in Krakow. Thanks to the possibility to perform a mould filling and solidification simulations we are able to choose the optimal conditions for a particular casting.

In order to fulfil the high market requirements, "MR" Company undergoes constant modernisation. Having modern equipment and meeting Customers' expectations the Company makes a reliable and trustworthy partner recognized both on Polish and international market.

We would welcome your co-operation

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