Owing to our cooperation with several tool shops, we offer manufacturing of injection moulds intended for die casting.

The experience of our engineers paired with mould filling simulations and casting solidification simulations that we offer minimise the need for correcting a die that was prepared beforehand.

A well-designed and manufactured mould is extremely important for the casting process. For this reason, time invested in analysing the workmanship is returned twofold during the casting production.

ZnAl die casting moulds are highly durable. Most tools are covered by a warranty for 200 thousand injections or a 2-year warranty.

The ZnAl die casting technology works best for situations where:
- dimensional repeatability of the casting is required,
- there is a high-volume demand for castings (prices are relatively high).

We can manufacture a mould based on a drawing or a detail design provided by the Client.

We approach order fulfilment comprehensively, covering all stages, beginning with detail design (or prototype design), through mould production, and culminating in casting production.

An exemplary mould


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